About Us

Lucy Charters
Owner / Co-Founder

Lucy is the business and fashion guru in the team. She is always looking to learn new entrepreneurial skills and when Amelie pitched the idea for a new small business, Lucy jumped at the opportunity. When not studying for her Master of Optometry, she puts all her spare time into running LA Designer Hire from her home studio in Kenmore Hills. She loves interacting with clients and aims to develop a highly professional yet personalised experience for all. Her passion is finding new and exciting pieces to add to the collection while also taking an ethical approach behind the scenes. She recognises the importance of supporting the sustainable fashion movement and incorporates its philosophy in the LA Designer Hire business model.

Amelie-Rose Buckley

Amelie-Rose is the creative genius behind LA Designer Hire. Both Amelie and Lucy attended high school at Queensland Academy for Creative Industries and became best friends who shared a love of creativity. After graduating in 2019, Amelie pitched the idea of starting a small business together allowing them to continue nurturing their love of creativity. Amelie now studies a Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design and Communications and continues to use her knowledge to help curate the LA Designer Hire logo, website, purchase unique outfits and capture gorgeous, aesthetic content for the Instagram feed.

Both being 5'1", Amelie and Lucy understand the struggle in trying to find a designer outfit that fits them just right. Hence, they entered a niche market providing mainly petite, size 6, pieces to girls around Australia. They wish to grow their business by continuing to provide gorgeous designer outfits to clients and look forward to expanding their size range in the future.

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